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“She is the one” Kingscote Barn Wedding | Sally & Kymme

May 4, 2017.ben.0 Likes.0 Comments
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“She is the one” Kingscote Barn Wedding | Sally & Kymme

A truly inspiring day at Kingscote Barn for the wedding of Kymme & Sally

The day started with both Kymme and Sally getting hair and makeup done at the same location with their family in a cosy cottage round the corner from Kingscote barn. Chris Fordham was on hand doing the hair styling and Clare was on the makeup duties.

Both Kymme and Salley then split off into their own separate rooms to put on their dresses. Here they exchanged beautiful and personal gifts.

The wedding ceremony was held at Kingscote Barn and they were announced in. There was three readings in total, and it was a beautiful part of the day.

After the ceremony everyone went outside to enjoy warm cosy April day. Ben (Blooming Photography) lead everyone outside and orchestrated photographs.

Fast forward to the first dance which went ahead like a charm, the couple had rehearsed a charming dance routine which left the crowd in tears!

A truly wonderful day. Congratulation Kymme and Sally!

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