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Stapleford Park Wedding {Simon & Laura}

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We had a wonderful day filming and photographing Simon and Laura’s most special wedding day in Stapleford Park.

What a setting for a wedding. Stapleford Park is a beautiful venue that welcomed the New Mr & Mrs Ashley on their wedding day.

We did something very unique at this wedding, we decided to shoot with different types of cameras, Canon and Leica. Will used the Canon cameras to get the shots we needed throughout the day, for the formal photos and details. Jonathan then used his Leica camera with a series of vintage lenses which makes everything look utterly beautiful. Maybe its not as not as reliable as the Canon cameras but they give the image a very unique feel.

We started the day early to get some lovely establish shots. We then headed upstairs to see the bride and groom as they prepared for their wedding. Laura was with all her bridesmaids and the two Mums getting hair and makeup finished, whilst Simon was helping out his Ushers.

Once Simon was at the church with his groomsmen. The full church then welcomed in Laura and her bridal party.

After a couple of readings (one of them by Sarah Duffy who we filmed her wedding for her last year) and the couple exchanging vows Laura and Simon were married to a rapturous applause.

Once the relevant paperwork was all signed, we organised a confetti tunnel which led the couple to their wedding car. They then disappeared with a glass of champagne each back to Stapleford Park.

Will then started the formal shots and Jonathan captured people mingling. After these were all finished, the bride and groom were introduced into their wedding breakfast.

All the guests were then treated to a wonderful meal and then we were onto the speeches. Many tears of joy and laughter were shared amongst everyone in the room.

Sparklers, sparklers everywhere! We formed a tunnel (which led to the main house) of about 200 guests all of whom had sparklers and welcomed the bride and groom through. Although some sparklers were VERY tricky to light, we were so pleased with the results. Laura and Simon then danced their first dance with the amazing band.

We were asked to photograph and film their day, and were are so glad to be invited to capture it for them.

Here are a few pics we took of the day.

Stapleford Park Wedding-1

Stapleford Park Wedding-2

Stapleford Park Wedding-3

Stapleford Park Wedding-5

Stapleford Park Wedding-6

Stapleford Park Wedding-7

Stapleford Park Wedding-8

Stapleford Park Wedding-9

Stapleford Park Wedding-10

Stapleford Park Wedding-11

Stapleford Park Wedding-12

Stapleford Park Wedding-13

Stapleford Park Wedding-14

Stapleford Park Wedding-15

Stapleford Park Wedding-16

Stapleford Park Wedding-17

Stapleford Park Wedding-18

Stapleford Park Wedding-19

Stapleford Park Wedding-20

Stapleford Park Wedding-21

Stapleford Park Wedding-22

Stapleford Park Wedding-23

Stapleford Park Wedding-24

Stapleford Park Wedding-25

Stapleford Park Wedding-26

Stapleford Park Wedding-27

Stapleford Park Wedding-28

Stapleford Park Wedding-29

Stapleford Park Wedding-30

Stapleford Park Wedding-31

Stapleford Park Wedding-32

Stapleford Park Wedding-33

Stapleford Park Wedding-34

Stapleford Park Wedding-35

Stapleford Park Wedding-36

Stapleford Park Wedding-37

Stapleford Park Wedding-38

Stapleford Park Wedding-39

Stapleford Park Wedding-40

Stapleford Park Wedding-41

Stapleford Park Wedding-42

Stapleford Park Wedding-43

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Comments (3)

  • Jayne Knight (Mummy) . October 17, 2014 . Reply

    What a wonderful wedding day and now we can relive the day again by these wonderful pictures and video ( tissue in hand ) I can’t wait to see the whole thing and a good excuse for another get together and celebration what a wonderful treasure to keep.

  • Katy Wills . October 17, 2014 . Reply

    Many congratulations to you both Mr and Mrs Ashley, wow amazing and you looked stunning and I agree with mummy( tissues are needed) Wishing you all the best for a bright and happy future together xx

  • Laura and Simon . October 29, 2014 . Reply

    We are absolutely thrilled with the trailer and first few photos we’ve seen and can’t wait to see the rest, we know they’ll be just as amazing! You’ve captured the day perfectly and it was a pleasure having you there doing the photography and videography. Thank you so much. xxx

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