"Those Who Love" Matara Centre {Grant & Charlotte}

We had a joyous time capturing the wedding of Grant and Charlotte as they celebrated their Matara Centre Wedding.

We started the day in the main house where both Grant and Charlotte were getting ready separately.

Katy Pheiffer was in charge of makeup duties on the day as Charlotte was with her closest family sipping champagne. Meanwhile Grant was downstairs with his Best Man and Ushers got ready.

matara centre 1.jpg

Once everyone was in place around the pond, the Bride and her Father entered through the circular entrance to a very happy Groom.

After a couple of readings, vows and promises the couple were wed as they celebrated with a kiss.

The couple then had a few photos with the uber talented Rob Tarren Photographer.


The evening then was upon us, after a wonderful meal and four wonderful speeches, the couple led us into the evening with a beautiful first dance.

After a little while, the couple treated their guests to fireworks in the garden.

A wonderful day, thank you so very much for allowing us to capture it for you.

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Please contact the Bride and/or Groom requesting the password if you would like to view the Feature in full.