Elmore Court {Clare & Tom}

We had a fabulous time filming for Clare and Tom at Cranham Church then onto Elmore Court.

Tom and I started filming in the morning and then we quickly headed to the church to capture guests arriving and the church filling up.

Once people were in position, the bride and her bridesmaids arrived to a round of applause by some village onlookers, which was a lovely sight to see.

Elmore Court Wedding-1.jpg

Clare and her father walked up the aisle with her father we then were treated to a wonderful service with a couple of poignant readings.

To congratulate the newlyweds, confetti was showered over the couple we then headed over to Elmore Court where a champagne reception was in full swing. Gemma Williams then took the couple around the grounds to get some amazing photographs. We were then treated to three speeches, where laughter and tears were shed.

When these were completed the guests then headed into the wedding breakfast. After three wonderful course, served by the wonderful caterers, the bastman then setup a Mr & Mrs game – which was great to watch and all their guests were involved.

The first dance was a wonderfully touching moment with the happy couple.

Music used is part of a Creative Commons License agreement.

Elmore Court Wedding-3.jpg