"Lost" Euridge Manor, The Lost Orangery {Samantha & Simon}

What an utter privilege it was to film and capture the wonderful wedding of Samantha and Simon at the quite exquisite The Lost Orangery at Euridge Manor near Bath.

the lost orangery wedding.jpg

The setting was quite unique and as it was one of the hottest days of the year, with the lake and the couple boating, it honestly felt like we were back filming a wedding in Venice.

Both couples were getting ready onsite, in separate accommodation.  Both were in very spacious and airy and super to film in. 

Once the guests were all settled, the outdoor ceremony began. After three lovely readings and promises to each other, the couple were wed and they celebrated with a kiss. 

euridge manor.jpg

Their guests had plenty of confetti and soon the couple were showered on as they walked through a line of guests. After a quick trip out in the boat, photographed by the fabulous and very talented Teri Vincent Photography, the couple soon headed into their wedding breakfast. And what a special wedding breakfast it was, not only was the whole reception on top of the pool, yes the pool! The starter came out with a dry ice decoration starter and a flaming dessert. Catering was by Pickle Shack, thoroughly recommended. 

After a stunning sunset, sparklers and a fireworks ended our involvement in the evening, and the musician George Simpson led all their guests into the party.